Sex Education


Workshops are fun, shame-free, engaging sex education lessons for adults of all ages. The subjects vary from topics like Orgasm, Libido, Desire to Sex Skills workshops like Blow, Blow 2.0, Woman on Top, Gspot, etc. The content of workshops vary, but are designed to be about 2hr30mins and include sex education, anatomy and physiology, pleasure mindset theory along with practices and skills you can bring into your everyday lives. Most workshops will also include a Q&A section.

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Jenny is currently taking maternity leave. Her and her team are taking a short break for the month of march. April Workshops are coming soon. Sign up to the newsletter so you don't miss out. We do not spam you with emails.


Past Workshops

Explore a selection of past workshops below. These workshops return throughout the year. Sign up to the newsletter so you do not miss them.

This is your chance to catch up on the workshop that apparently caused a cucumber shortage in Ireland! Full of tips, tricks and techniques on how to pleasure a penis…and don’t forget the Infamous Champagne combo.

Full of skills and touching techniques that will teach you how to pleasure YOUR vulva. This is probably one of the most important workshop you will ever do for yourself.

Finding the Gspot: Myths, History & Anatomy. We'll explore all about ejaculation alongside covering touching techniques and sex toys for squirting. Get ready for a whole evening of discovery.


One of the most popular sex skills workshops. Jam packed with so much education, tips, and sex skill techniques - whether you are an On Top novice or a seasoned rider there is something for everyone here. Open, Fun and Unshamedly normal…Get ready to Giddy Up!


This workshop will give you the education you need to understand how our bodies functions in relational to libido, arousal and desire. It offers you invaluable education to understand what you can do on a daily basis to support your body or be a support for your partner.


Confidence is a skill that requires both practice and a simultaneous unlearning of beliefs and habits. The way we initiate sex, express our interest in sex, approach sex and engage sexually with others is a learned behaviour. This workshop is that it will give you the tools and thoughts on how to own and express your sexual confidence…whether you have always had it, have it sometimes or haven’t experienced yet.


Get Ready for another cucumber shortage. With more Hand and Mouth Techniques, Arousal tips and of course…the Balls. After this workshop you might as well call yourself the Dick Whisperer.


Learn how to decode your own physiology so you understand that your body is capable of so much more than pain, exhaustion, confusion or blame. When you understand how to nourish your body on a day to day basis according to your cycle you create a system functioning on power - one that fuels you rather than depletes you. To live in Rhythm with your cycle is to be able to leverage immense energy for work, life and yes....SEX!


Whether you have never orgasmed, are unsure if you have orgasmed or you are multi-orgasmic, this workshop will give you pleasure mindset methodologies that will help you redefine what “Orgasm” is. It is a solid and expansive educational foundation that will help you identity the sexual beliefs that hold you back in expressing your sexuality to it’s fullest. It will give problems you may encounter, context and understanding and by the end of the event, whoever you are and wherever you are at - You will realise your pleasure is not limited, it expands, always.


When it comes to exploring anal sex, most advice begins and ends with Use More Lube. This kind of dialogue makes us believe the anal sex is all about penetration which immediately limits our ability to discover the endless depth to pleasure available to us in our base. Our ass is one of the most responsive erogenous zones on our body, full of deep, intense pleasure and it’s exploration is a pathway to full body orgasm.

BUTT it offers us so much more than that and in this workshop we explore all of that and more.


Most of us are clueless about how each part of our vulva and vagina likes to be touched. We tend to take our cues from mainstream porn & other media sources that promote fast and hard pleasure. And this is ok. We have never been taught. Here, we will learn how to take an active role in our sexuality, learning techniques, movement, positions that will allow you to expand your capacity to experience different sensations and pleasure.


The way we kiss speaks volumes, it’s a language not many learn even though has a profound ability to shape and guide sexual interactions. Kissing has a potent ability to heighten arousal, desire and sensation and YET there are few of us who even know learning this language and know that refining our kissing signatures are even a possibility! Come partnered or solo, either way I’m going to take you to dizzy heights with this one! Yeow!

Workshops Coming Soon


What is the refund policy?

There will be no refunds given for any reason and no ticket transfers to future events.

Will there be nudity?

No. There is never any nudity in workshops. All techniques will be explained on medical vulva models.

I am nervous…What can I expect?

This is the most common question I am asked…A lot of people are nervous before they come to one of my workshops for the first time!

Live Online Workshops: Firstly, everyone is anonymous, screens of other participants are NOT visible, your screen is NOT visible. There is NO participant list, so names are NOT visible. The only thing you will see is my screen. It is almost like watching a TV programme, only I am speaking to you.

These workshops are generally seminar style so have a notebook and pen handy because there will be great information. In some workshops there are guided demos where I will talk you through a techniques, skills, postions. You do not need to participate - although I always encourage participation.

In all live online workshops participants will see a chat box. This is the place to be in the workshops. I always encourage chats to happen as I am talking - this is where all the fun happens - although it is not necessary to participate in the chat box. Please note, participant names will show in the chat box but it is possible to change your name to a user name in the workshop.

In every live online workshop we have a team who will be available to help you in you have trouble with your sound, or other technical issues. This team also monitor the workshops and the chat box.

Watching the replay: This is like tuning into a recorded tv program. You will sign into your account and it is possible to view the recording of the workshop. You will only see my screen. You will not see the names or screens of the people who participated and you will not see the chat box. I do read out comments in the chat box so the replay experience is just like re-living the live workshop with all the fun, excitement, laughs and learning.

I would like to remain anon, is this possible?

Absolutely, the way the workshops work is that you are completely anonymous. You will all only see me. You will not see names, or screens of other participants. Read above for a detailed account of what to expect.

Can men attend?

Yes. These workshops are for everyone. Regardless of relationship status or gender. Please note, some workshops will be aimed specifically at vulva owners and women, other workshops are aimed at people who pleasure penis - yours or someone else’s. It is recommended you read the description of the workshops in full before your purchase a workshop to make sure the content is what you are looking for. Everyone is welcome to learn.

Can I attend with my partner?

Yes, the skills and demo section is great to do with your SO. Please note: If you are watching from different screens you must purchase a separate ticket.

I cannot attend this date, will you do it again?

Previous on demand workshops return at specific times during the year.