Oh! Moment wellness is the first of it’s kind FemTech and SexTech combo service created by sex educator Jenny Keane.

It aims to be an empowering online destination for adults to explore their sexuality through holistic sex education workshops, guided practices and community orientated live events. The Sex Toy Store is a place to discover body-safe and trusted products curated specifically by Jenny Keane to support and enhance sexual well-being and pleasure.

The Toy Shop

Say goodbye to toys in the draw of shame, and say hello to actively learning how to use the things you purchase. Each product comes with a how-to guide to give you more ways to expand your pleasure.

Sex Education Workshops

Workshops are fun, shame-free, engaging sex education lessons for adults of all ages. The subjects vary from topics like Orgasm, Libido, Desire to Sex Skills workshops like Blow, Blow 2.0, Woman on Top, Gspot, etc.

Live Tours

After the huge success of Jenny's first live show SEXED UP this year. Even more live shows and events are in the works. Sex Talks is Jenny's newest in person event which brings talks, performances and guests on all kinds of sexy subjects. Find out more here.

Adult sex education

Sex Education workshops to help you expand your pleasure.

Meet The Founder

Jenny Keane is a professionally trained, trauma certified, holistic Sex educator. She started out on a mission to ignite a sexual revolution in Ireland and Jenny has certainly done that. Known as the Orgasm Queen, over the last four years online, thousands of people across Ireland and the globe have participated in her renowned online sex education workshops.

Dedicated to putting pleasure at the centre of the conversation, Jenny is the creator of SEXED UP, a sex education show and hosts monthly in person Sex Talk events designed to reduce shame, stigma and inspire normal, shame free conversations about sex.

Making adult sex education simple, fun and unashamedly normal, Jenny teaches people how to take an active role in their sex lives. With simple actionable steps that enhance connection, intimacy and creativity. Her desire is to teach you how to have fun a whole lot of fun learning how to do it.