This is your chance to catch the workshop that apparently caused a cucumber shortage in Ireland! Full of tips, tricks and techniques on how to pleasure a penis…and don’t forget the Infamous Champagne combo.

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Get ready to have all the fun. Whether you are solo or in a relationship, this workshop is going to give you the confidence, tools and techniques you need to blow someone’s mind.

This workshop is an On Demand video.

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14 days from time of purchase

Please only purchase this workshop if you can make time to watch it in this time frame. There will be no extensions or exceptions for any reason.

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What will you learn?

Pleasure Mindset and Body Education

The truth when it comes to pleasure and life in general is that women have been conditioned to put other peoples needs ahead of their own. So when it comes to giving it can feel like a chore or like you have no energy for it, or that you are always giving more with out receiving in return. Here we will learn the fundamentals of the Pleasure Mindset when it comes to learning to give that will help breakdown the sexual scripts that keep you away from fully enjoying experiencing someone elses body and instil new scripts that encourage excitement, genuine enthusiasm and discovery


  • How to get pleasure from giving pleasure
  • Male sexual scripts around arousal, erectile dysfunction, performative pleasure and more
  • Pleasure Anatomy of a Penis


So many of us avoid giving pleasure to our partners simply because we do not know how the body functions in relation to pleasure or how to access that pleasure. And this is ok. We have never been taught. Here, we will learn how to take an active role in our sexuality, learning techniques, movement, positions that will allow you to approach another persons body with confidence and with a sense of self assurance that will blow anyone’s mind


  • Confident Touch Skills
  • Hand & Mouth skils

Champagne Combo

The infamous combo technique that never fails!

All the Details...


This workshop is an On Demand video.

Access Period

14 days from time of purchase

Please only purchase this workshop if you can make time to watch it in this time frame. There will be no extensions or exceptions for any reason.

What's Inside

Workshop 2hr15mins

50mins - Penis Education

  • Sensual Based Pleasure - V- Friction Based Pleasure
  • Penis Anatomy
  • Penis Arousal

70mins - Hand and Mouth Skills

  • Hand Skills
  • Mouth Skills
  • Champagne Combo

15mins - Positions for Arousal

  • Positions for Arousal


Downloadable Workbook

*There will be no nudity or live demos in this workshop. ALL pants stay on at all times…in case you were worried :)

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This is an on demand workshop with immediate access. Once purchased there will be no refunds given for any reason and no ticket transfers to future events.

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Will this workshop be recorded?

It is an On Demand workshop. You will have 14 days access from the time of purchase. No extensions or exceptions. Please do not email asking for an extension.

Will there be nudity?

No. There is never any nudity in workshops. All skills are demostrated on Medical Models...or vegetables in this case :)

I'm nervous. What can I expect?

This is the most common question I am asked…A lot of people are nervous before they come to one of my workshops for the first time!

On Demand Workshop: This is like tuning into a recorded tv program. You will sign into your Oh! Moment account and it is possible to view the video of the workshop. In the video, you will only see my screen. You will not see the names or screens of the people who participated and you will not see the chat box. I do read out comments in the chat box so the replay experience is just like re-living the live workshop with all the fun, excitement, laughs and learning.

I would like to remain anon, is this possible?

Absolutely. This is an On Demand workshop. The only way someone will know you took part is if you tell them yourself.

Can men attend?

Yes. This is for everyone. Regardless of relationship status or gender. Please note, this workshop is not so much about self pleasure for a penis and is geared towards partnered pleasure. However, the the skills section of this workshop would be wonderful to apply to a self pleasure practice for POs.

Can I attend with my partner?

Yes, the skills and demo section is great to do with your SO. Please note: If you are watching from different screens you must purchase a separate ticket. If you are watching from the same screen, one ticket is sufficient.

I cannot attend this date, will you do it again?

These on demand workshops will be available for the summer.

I couldn’t watch the workshop in the time frame given, can I view the workshops after the access date?

Unfortunately it is not possible to extend the workshop access period for any reason. The access dates and time frames are clearly displayed on every purchase page, by purchasing a workshop you agree to the terms and conditions of purchasing the digital product and you acknowledge that no extensions or exceptions or ticket transfers to future purchases are given. Due to bandwidth limitations we must limit the amount of participants accordingly. These workshops tend to sell out quickly so we ask people to only purchase the workshops if they know they can view them in the time frame given.

What is the refund policy?

These workshops are on demand. Once purchased there will be no refunds given for any reason and no ticket transfers to future events.

I booked the workshop but have not received the link?

We are no longer sending emails out with the link to the online workshops or replays. This is due to the fact the emails are often blocked or end up in spam and we have no way of knowing who received the email and who did not.

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