3 Workshop Bundle

As always, for everyone who would like to join me for all 3 workshops, now you can for the bundle price

Please see the individual events page for the full workshop descriptions and details.

What is Included?

In the 3 workshop bundle you will have access to all three workshops, both the live workshops and replays for each workshop. Below is a quick overview.

To find out the content and to get a deep dive on each workshop you can click the “more info” button

What will you learn?


This is your chance to catch up on the workshop that apparently caused a cucumber shortage in Irelalnd! Full of tips, tricks and techniques on how to pleasure a penis…and don’t forget the infamous Champagne combo. (Replay)

Access Recording Replay: Oct 13th - Oct 26th

BLOW 2.0

Get Ready for another cucumber shortage. With more Hand and Mouth Techniques, Arousal tips and of course…the Balls…After this workshop you might as well call yourself the Dick Whisperer.

Live workshop: Friday Oct 20th

Access Recording Replay: Oct 21st - Oct 26th


Find the Gspot: Myths, History, In depth Anatomy, all about ejaculation, Techniques, Sex toys for squirting.

Live workshop: Thursday Oct 26th

Access Recording Replay: Oct 27th - Nov 1st

On Sale Now



Usually we process refunds up to 72 hours before the event starts. However, because these workshops all offer replays, once purchased there will be no refunds given for any reason and no ticket transfers to future events.

  1. Sale Starts Friday Oct 13th. Newsletter Friends will receive an email at 8am with a private link to the purchase page.
  2. Click the button “buy now.” You will be taken to a sales page. You will see a price, a place to enter your email and card details and the button complete purchase.
  3. Email. Enter a working email address and complete purchase.
  4. Create An Account. If you do not already have an account you will be asking to create one. Enter and email and password. If you have already created an account you will be asked to sign in. You will be taken to your library where you will see the workshop/s you purchased
  5. How to Access. After this initial sign in you can access the courses you purchase on the website during the access period. Every workshop has time frame to watch the workshops in. Please make sure you know the correct dates.

If you having issues please email <support@jennykeane.com>

Will this workshop be recorded?

It is a pre-recorded workshop. You will have access to the recording from Oct 13th to Oct 26th 11pm (GMT/TIME IN IRELAND). No extensions or exceptions. Please do not email asking for an extension.

Will there be nudity?

No. There is never any nudity in workshops.

I'm nervous. What can I expect?

This is the most common question I am asked…A lot of people are nervous before they come to one of my workshops for the first time!

Live Online Workshops: Firstly, everyone is anonymous, screens of other participants are NOT visible, your screen is NOT visible. There is NO participant list, so names are NOT visible. The only thing you will see is my screen. It is almost like watching a TV programme, only I am speaking to you.

These workshops are generally seminar style so have a notebook and pen handy because there will be great information. In some workshops there are guided demos where I will talk you through a techniques, skills, postions. You do not need to participate - although I always encourage participation.

In all live online workshops participants will see a chat box. This is the place to be in the workshops. I always encourage chats to happen as I am talking - this is where all the fun happens - although it is not necessary to participate in the chat box. Please note, participant names will show in the chat box but it is possible to change your name to a user name in the workshop.

In every live online workshop we have a team who will be available to help you in you have trouble with your sound, or other technical issues. This team also monitor the workshops and the chat box.

Watching the replay: This is like tuning into a recorded tv program. You will sign into your account and it is possible to view the recording of the workshop. You will only see my screen. You will not see the names or screens of the people who participated and you will not see the chat box. I do read out comments in the chat box so the replay experience is just like re-living the live workshop with all the fun, excitement, laughs and learning.

I would like to remain anon, is this possible?

Absolutely, the way the workshops work is that you are completely anonymous. You will all only see me. You will not see names, or screens of other participants. Read above for a detailed account of what to expect.

Can men attend?

Yes. This is for everyone. Regardless of relationship status or gender. Please note, this workshop is not so much about self pleasure for a penis and is geared towards partnered pleasure. However, the the skills section of this workshop would be womnderful to apply to a self pleasure practice for POs.

Can I attend with my partner?

Yes, the skills and demo section is great to do with your SO. Please note: If you are watching from different screens you must purchase a separate ticket.

I cannot attend this date, will you do it again?

This is a once-off workshop. As of now there is no plan to hold it again.

I couldn’t watch the workshop in the time frame given, can I view the workshops after the access date?

Unfortunately it is not possible to extend the workshop access period for any reason. The access dates and time frames are clearly displayed on every purchase page, by purchasing a workshop you agree to the terms and conditions of purchasing the digital product and you acknowledge that no extensions or exceptions or ticket transfers to future purchases are given. These workshops tend to sell out quickly so we ask people to only purchase the workshops if they know they can view them in the time frame given.

What is the refund policy?

These workshops are all recorded. Once purchased there will be no refunds given for any reason and no ticket transfers to future events.

I booked the workshop but have not received the link?

Because the nature of these emails contain words like Sex, Pleasure, Orgasm, etc often times the email might be automatically filtered. If you have not received the email please check Junk, Spam, Trash folders.

If you still have not received the link please email me <support@gmail.com>. You must email me two hours before the event starts, after this I cannot guarantee you will receive the information in time. It is your responsibility to do this.