Find the Gspot: Myths, History, In depth Anatomy, all about ejaculation, Touching Techniques and Sex toys for squirting.

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What will you learn?

Demystify the GSPOT

Get ready to uncover everything you didn’t know you needed to know about the Gspot. Despite what you might have read, or even experienced, the gpsot and gspot orgasm is not as elusive or mysterious as people make out. We are all capable of having gspot orgasms and in this workshop we find out how.


  • In depth anatomy and physiology of the Gspot
  • The three step technique to find your Gspot

Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation – or squirting – has been around for centuries. Despite hundreds and hundreds of years of documentation of the benefits of female ejaculation, even in the 21st century, people still know relatively little about it.


  • What is Female Ejaculation? Do all vulva owners have the capacity to squirt?
  • How to Squirt (or Enjoy Incredible Gspot Orgasms)
  • Hand techniques for squirting

Sex Toys and the Gspot

There are thousands and thousands of sex toys on the market that promise g-spot orgasms. I am going to teach you how to figure out the toy you need for your body and gspot pleasure AND how to use it - Hint: It’s not what you would expect


  • The best sex toys for Gspot pleasure
  • How to EFFECTIVELY use toys in G-spot pleasuring

All the Details...


On Demand

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Access all content for 14 days from date of purchase

Please only purchase this workshop if you can make time to watch it in this time frame. There will be no extensions or exceptions for any reason.

What's Inside

Workshop 2hr30mins

50mins - Gspot Education

  • All about the Gspot
  • Find your Gspot
  • Female Ejaculation

70mins - Gspot Skills

  • Pelvic Breathing Guided Practice
  • Hand Skills - Gspot Solo Pleasure
  • Hand Skills - Gspot Partnered Pleasure
  • Positioning - Best positions for Gspot stimulation.

30mins - Sex Toys for Gspot

  • Best Gspot Sex Toys
  • How to use them effectively


Q&A Gspot

11 Common Questions Answered about Gspot and Orgasm


Downloadable Workbook
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Will this workshop be recorded?

It is an On Demand workshop.

Will there be nudity?

No. There is never any nudity in workshops. All skills are demostrated on Medical Models and Fruit!

I'm nervous. What can I expect?

This is the most common question I am asked…A lot of people are nervous before they come to one of my workshops for the first time!

On Demand Workshop: This is like tuning into a recorded tv program. You will sign into your Oh! Moment account and it is possible to view the video of the workshop. In the video, you will only see my screen. You will not see the names or screens of the people who participated and you will not see the chat box. I do read out comments in the chat box so the replay experience is just like re-living the live workshop with all the fun, excitement, laughs and learning.

I would like to remain anon, is this possible?

Absolutely. This is an On Demand workshop. The only way someone will know you took part is if you tell them yourself.

Can men attend?

Yes. This is for everyone. Regardless of relationship status or gender. If you want to learn more about the gspot this is a workshop for you

Can I attend with my partner?

Yes. In the skills section we go through partnered skills for gspot stimulation

I cannot attend this date, will you do it again?

On demand workshops are available throughout the summer

I couldn’t watch the workshop in the time frame given, can I view the workshops after the access date?

Unfortunately it is not possible to extend the workshop access period for any reason. The access dates and time frames are clearly displayed on every purchase page, by purchasing a workshop you agree to the terms and conditions of purchasing the digital product and you acknowledge that no extensions or exceptions or ticket transfers to future purchases are given. Due to bandwidth limitations we must limit the amount of participants accordingly. These workshops tend to sell out quickly so we ask people to only purchase the workshops if they know they can view them in the time frame given.

What is the refund policy?

These workshops areon demand. Once purchased there will be no refunds given for any reason and no ticket transfers to future events.

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We are no longer sending emails out with the link to the online workshops or replays. This is due to the fact the emails are often blocked or end up in spam and we have no way of knowing who received the email and who did not.

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