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Guided Mirror Practice

Join Jenny for this powerful guided practice. Learning connecting practices, observation and touch techniques, discover how to develop a relationship to your vulva and enhance your sexual confidence.

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What will you learn?

Connection Practices

Due to poor quality conversation around sex and the lack of sex education it’s very rare to look at your genitals for education purposes or out of curiousity, we tend to wait until something is wrong. The mirror practice is a simple and effective practice that helps reduce sexual shame and stigma, and enhance sexual confidence and pleasure. Before we even think about touching and looking at your vulva, connection practices are always the first stage.


  • Pelvic Floor Breathing
  • Connection Meditation

Observation Practices

Over time, the link between our mind and our genitals and our body and our pleasure can become broken. This happens for a variety of reasons, things like,

  1. Someone commenting negatively on our genitals
  2. The shame we carry around sex or pleasure
  3. The worry about how things look
  4. The things that might have happened to us
  5. Experiencing sexual issues related to pain, orgasm, desire, etc 
  6. Or not feeling good enough

Looking at your vulva is such a SIMPLE way to confront and dissolve the layers of shame we might carry towards our genitals, repair strained or broken links and start to establish a connection with our body again.

Touch Techniques

Not all touch has to lead to pleasure or even orgasm. Touch is a power tool of connection that helps to re-establish a last relationship with our body. When it comes to touch for pleasure, we are often so used to doing things fast

Because of this, when it comes to touching techniques and self pleasure practices it’s always best to start with warm up practices. The practices we will go through here will give you the space to slow down, relax and teach you how to be gentle with your body!

All the Details...

This is a guided practice, not a sex education workshop. 


Live Online Practice Tuesday January 23rd

Access Replay until Sunday 28/01/24 11:00PM GMT.

No exceptions or extensions for any reason. Please make sure to watch your recording in this access period.

*The replay will be accessible in your Oh! Moment Accounts


8:00PM - 8:15PM: Introduction

8:15PM - 9:15PM: Guided Practice


  • 2x connecting practices
  • 2x observation practices (this includes finding the Gspot)
  • 3x touch techniques

This practice will be like a guided meditation. There will be video for our visual learners but, as always, no nudity. The practice will be demo'd on medical models. 



*This Practice is being offered for FREE for January. Limited Places as always xx

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I couldn’t watch the workshop in the time frame given, can I view the workshops after the access date?

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I'm nervous. What can I expect?

This is the most common question I am asked…A lot of people are nervous before they come to one of my workshops for the first time!

Live Online Practice: Firstly, everyone is anonymous, screens of other participants are NOT visible, your screen is NOT visible. There is NO participant list, so names are NOT visible. The only thing you will see is my screen. It is almost like watching a TV programme, only I am speaking to you.

In all live online practices participants will see a chat box. This is the place to be in the workshops and practices. I always encourage chats to happen - this is where all the fun happens - although it is not necessary to participate in the chat box. Please note, participant names will show in the chat box but it is possible to change your name to a user name.

In every live online workshop we have a team who will be available to help you in you have trouble with your sound, or other technical issues. This team also monitor the workshops and the chat box.

Watching the replay: This is like tuning into a recorded tv program. You will sign into your account and it is possible to view the recording of the workshop. You will only see my screen. You will not see the names or screens of the people who participated and you will not see the chat box. I do read out comments in the chat box so the replay experience is just like re-living the live workshop with all the fun, excitement, laughs and learning.

Is the workshop suitable for men?

As this is a guided practice it is suited to anyone with a vulva. I teach online sex education workshops which dive into the anatomy and function of women's bodies so if you are looking for education I would keep an eye out for workshops like Orgasm Online, or any partnered workshops.

Will there be nudity

No. There is no nudity in any workshops or practices. For this guided practice you will see my video, I will demonstrate the actions and touch techniques on a medical model of a vulva. This is to cater to our visual learners. Otherwise my voice will guide the practice.

I booked the practice but have not received the link?

We are no longer sending emails out with the link to the online workshops or replays. This is due to the fact the emails are often blocked or end up in spam and we have no way of knowing who received the email and who did not.

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