Mint Mojito


The Gourmet line – warming massage 50ml 
In the Gourmet product line from Exsens you’ll find warming massage oils with delicious flavours that are made with food flavouring. The oils are made of 100% vegetable ingredients and sweetened with Stevia. The oils make enjoying sensuality easy with their gentle warming sensation. They’re silky smooth, never sticky, non-staining and have no bitter aftertaste. Vegan for peace of mind too! For ease of use the labels glow in the dark. No need to put on blinding lights that ruin romantic moments to find the bottle of oil!  


This warming gourmet massage gel is ideal for foreplay. When applied to intimate areas, the gentle warming sensation and kissable flavour encourages touching and oral pleasures.

  • Gentle warming sensation
  • Fresh Citrus and Mint flavor
  • Sugar free
  • Silky smooth, not sticky
  • Nonstaining
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Vegan
  • Glowin the dark label