Sex Blanket


An Oh!Moment original product, introducing the Sex Blanket

We’ve all been there, right!?!…The towels, the t-shirts and whatever else we scramble for during and post-intimacy, not to mention the ruined bedsheets, sofa and maybe even mattress! Well, the sex blanket is about to save your life…and possibly your energy bills!

The sex blanket looks like any other innocuous couch throw with it’s plush velvet & sherpa fleece BUT is 100% waterproof on both sides, reversible, absorbent and more importantly Oh! So cosy!

Created by Jenny Keane, these doubled side leak proof blankets are a must-have in the intimacy department, giving you peace of mind that you won't sleep in a wet patch, ruin the bed or couch…or have to change your sheets every time you get it on.

Great for all kinds of intimacy, including period sex, erotic massage not to mention cuddles on the couch!