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Best Sex Toys For Couples

Best Sex Toys For Couples

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To give yourself the permission to be a sexual, sensual being is to live erotically. And to live erotically is to dare to live turned-on, from the senses. It is to know that your pursuit of deep pleasure is not a selfish act, it is not something you need to be ashamed of, but rather the catalyst to your thriving.

Sex Toys For Couples

Incorporating sex toys into your relationship can be a fantastic way to enhance intimacy, explore new sensations, and strengthen your bond. Whether you’re curious about trying something new or looking to reignite the spark, sex toys can add a fun and exciting dimension to your love life. Here’s a comprehensive guide for couples looking to introduce sex toys into their relationship.

Benefits of Sex Toys for Couples

Before diving into the practical tips and recommendations, it’s important to understand why using sex toys can be beneficial for couples. Here are just a few benefits:

  1. Enhanced Pleasure: It's good to know that sex toys will never replace the human experience. I always like to say toys are tools and what sex toys can provide is additional stimulation that might be difficult to achieve manually, leading to more intense and varied sensations.
  2. Increased Intimacy: You might be surprised to know that The Kinsey Institute reported 77% of couples who incorporate sex toys into their relationship feel closer and more intimate with their partner. The shared experience of exploring new sensations can strengthen emotional bonds.
  3. Better Communication: According to a survey conducted by Adam & Eve, 60% of couples who use sex toys together report improved communication about sexual desires, needs and boundaries.
  4. Breaking Routine: Let's face it, we are creators of habits. It is NORMAL after a period of time that couples get into a routine in their sex life. Introducing toys can be a simple way of breaking those habits and helps to keep the excitement alive in relationships, particularly long term relationships.
  5. Exploration and Discovery: Toys are a great way to help couples discover new sensations, different erogenous zones, varied orgasms and even new kinks!

Introducing the right Toy for you and your partner

Introducing the sex toy that is right for you and your partner really depends on what turns you both on, what kind of stimulation and pleasure you each like best and what you are hoping to explore. If this is where you are stumped, download my guide on how to choose the right sex toy for you. It is packed full of questions that will help you narrow down what toy is best suited to the experience you want to have. 

If you already have your toy and don't really know how to incorporate it into your sexy bedtime routine read my Tips For Introducing Sex Toys into your relationship here.

Any Toy can be a Couples Sex Toy

Any toy can be a couples sex toy. Although certain toys are marketed specifically as couples toys while others are marketed for women only the only limit to how you can use your sex toy is your imagination. This is where education can come in really handy. It means that if you have a few ways you can explore using the same toy you don’t have to go out and buy a new one every time you want a different experience - which in this economy is a good thing! 

Here's a quick overview:

  • Handheld vibrators work well, especially ones with ergonomic handles for easy manoeuvring: 
  • Wand vibrators allow sensual, full-body massage during foreplay, then targeted vibration on the clit, vulva, or nipples during sex. 
  • Clitoral sex toys like clit suckers mimic the feeling of oral which can be used during mutual masturbation or penetrative sex
  • Panty vibrators with remote controls can be a fun way to experiment with public play.
  • Cock rings are considered "wearable toys" so if you want something tailored to partnered sex you should specifically look for these wearable toys (these include toys like dual-ended vibrators, strap-on dildos, etc) the reason these are popular during partnered play is because they don’t require adjusting once you’re in the moment. 

As you can probably tell, if you’re looking to try something totally new — or want some help mixing things up in the bedroom — there are plenty of clever, innovative sex toys designed specifically for couples. The Oh Moment Sex Toy Store was designed to be a store full of my personal recommendations. I’ve been on the sex-toy road for a long time now and I know what toys are great, what toys take a little getting used to and that new toys with all the technology aren’t always the best option so to save you the trouble of trying out a bunch of duds, I rounded up some of my favourites AND asked real people to share their go-to couples sex toys and how they use them.

Jenny xx

Top Couple Sex Toy Picks

Dame Fin Finger Vibrator
Jade / Citrus / Quartz

If there is one toy I would recommend couples to start with it is a finger vibrator. Here are my three top reasons why:

  • Beginner-Friendly: For couples new to sex toys, finger vibrators can be a gentle introduction. They are typically less intimidating than larger or more complex toys, making them a great starting point for exploring the use of toys in partnered play.
  • Ease of Use : Finger Vibes are small, lightweight and easy to use. They become an extension of your finger allowing for precise control and targeted stimulation during outer-course, inter-course and everything in between.
  • Enhanced Sensation : It is known that when it comes to female orgasm, clitoral stimulation is extremely important. The added vibration from finger vibes can intensify pleasure and help both partners achieve orgasm more easily. 

Other options...

  • The Satisfyer Teaser is suitable for people of all genders and sexual orientations. It's combination of power, versatility, and ease of use makes it an excellent choice for couples looking to add a new element of excitement and intimacy to their relationship. It is also a cheap option to the DAME FIN so it might be good for those on a slightly lower budget.

  • Satisfyer Perfect Pair 3 doubles as a cock ring and a finger vibe so if you are looking for something versatile - look no further.

  • Femme Funn Ultra Wand Mini is a toy that packs a punch. All the power of a large massage wand in a mini version. Easily add clitoral stimulation from any position and any angle. 

Must Have Couples Sex Toys

Satisfyer Elastic Game

Blue / Red / Yellow


I hope you have annual leave left, because you're going to need a while to discover all the ways you can play with the Elastic Game.

Penis ring, vibrator for couples, testicle stimulator, clitoral stimulator, perineum stimulator, nipple stimulator... you name it, the Elastic Game is giving it.

It's flexible, has 3 speeds and 7 settings and it's ready to twist and turn your world upside down. Made from ultra soft rippled medical-grade silicone for your pleasure, the Elastic Game is a bed side table must for all couples.

Satisfyer Double Joy


This toy certainly provides MORE than double the Joy.

With it's U shape design, this toy stimulates both the g-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Its double motor ensures the pleasure spreads equally throughout the toy.

But there's a twist... are you ready?

Not only can this toy be controlled with the buttons on it, but it also comes with a remote control and bluetooth capabilities meaning you can hand over power any where, any time. This makes this toy amazing for long distance fun.

Must Have Couples Sex Accessories

Sex Blanket



This is an Oh! Moment original created by yours truly!

We’ve all been there, right!?!…The towels, the t-shirts and whatever else we scramble for during and post-intimacy, not to mention the ruined bedsheets, sofa and maybe even mattress! Well, the sex blanket is about to save your life…and possibly your energy bills!

The sex blanket looks like any other innocuous couch throw with it’s plush velvet & sherpa fleece BUT is 100% waterproof on both sides, reversible, absorbent and more importantly Oh! So cosy!

These doubled side leak proof blankets are a must-have in the intimacy department, giving you peace of mind that you won't sleep in a wet patch, ruin the bed or couch…or have to change your sheets every time you get it on.

Great for all kinds of intimacy, including period sex, erotic massage not to mention cuddles on the couch! 

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