Books for Female Pleasure

Books for Female Pleasure

Book recommendations are one of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to exploring sexuality. When you don’t know where to start, the choices out there are overwhelming and if you are anything like me you don’t want to waste time (or money) reading a shite book…right! ha! For a book about sex to be worth the read, it has to be 1) from someone you trust andddd 2) not too…dry. Well, lucky for you I am an absolute book junkie so I done the hard work of reading the shite books for you! Below are a list of some of my favourite books to inspire you to discover and explore female sexuality. From science to tantra, from sex positive pleasure to ancient practices - there is something for everyone.


Come as you are

Author | Emily Nagoski

If you are starting anywhere on your journey, start here. Dr. Emily Nagoski is like your nerdy, sciency best friend. Pairing scientific studies with humor, she takes you on a curious exploration and explains how psychology impacts sexual desires. Sex positive, pleasure based information backed by modern science, Emily opens the door to understanding your unique sexuality, and she helps removes judgment by helping you understand your anatomy, as well as the ways you can find arousal.

If you only read one book on Female sexuality and Pleasure, this is it.

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The Vagina Bible

Author | Jennifer Gunter

Dr. Jennifer Gunter is a gynecologist, OB/GYN, and passionate advocate for women's health. Her book is a tell-all of sorts and answers every question you’ve ever had about vaginas. Using her knowledge and experience, she writes with clarity about the sometimes confusing and strange things going on with the female body. The chapters on the Clitoris and G-spot are great.

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Becoming Cliterate

Author | Laurie Mintz 

The name of this book says it all. Using science-backed research, Dr. Laurie Mintz invites us to explore how we receive pleasure. When there is such a big emphasis on penetrative sex, this book advocates for mixing it up. She goes through the history, anatomy, and even gives techniques for clitoral arousal.

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The Wild Woman’s Way

Author | Michaela Boehm

For my yoga friends, “The Wild Woman’s Way” offers a spiritual approach for women to connecting or reconnecting with yourself. Michaela Boehm, has a background in Tantra and focuses on regaining connection through the "Wild Woman'' archetype whose story of "body Intelligence" has been passed down for thousands of years. I have always found Michaela’s teaching to be a gentle, pragmatic and beautiful invitation to re-wild yourself, stripping away all that is not your true nature and leaving you inspired and curious to discover the wild woman within.

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Tantric Orgasm for Women

Author | Diana Richardson

For anyone wanting to explore a more spiritual approach to lovemaking with an emphasis on female sexual arousal and satisfaction, this book is for you. Diana Richardson explores meditation and relaxation as ways women can ignite and deepen their sexual experiences.

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The whole lesbian sex book

Author | Felice Newman

My experiences with women have been some of the more revealing, pleasurable and beautiful explorations within my sexual discovery. Whether you desire to engage with women or not, read this excerpt by Felice Newman and tell me you don’t want to read more…

"What makes me a lesbian sex expert is that I have devoted myself to erotic exploration. I treat my sex life as an adventure story that builds heat with each episode. I'm curious. I seek abundance. Ample pleasure. Innumerable orgasms. Voluptuous moments bursting with erotic energy. I believe we all deserve as much erotic pleasure as life can offer — which is more pleasure really than you or I can conceive of."

(Only available on Kindle at the moment)

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Happy reading,

I would adore if you wanted to comment below to add your favourites or leave your own review of these books.

Jenny x


  • Ciara said:

    Oh my gosh Emily Nagoski… you should start a programme like Dolly Parton and her million books for children… every adolescent in Ireland should be given this in first year! The world would change!

    November 23, 2023

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