More Sex Toy Recommendations

More Sex Toy Recommendations

Ok so you are looking for more sex toy recommendations? Consider this guide for those wishing to add a little sexual exploration into their lives. Below are a list of some of my favourite sex toys at the moment, ranging in price, style, stimulation there is something for everyone whether you are look to add to your solo or partnered experience.

If you are here because you are buying your first sex toy then take a look at this sex toy guide here  or if you want some helpful advice about how to choose a sex toy that is right for you, start here.

Jenny x



Brand | Dame

Price | €90

Ok, let’s start here. Dame have become my new obsession when it comes to sex toys. Founded by a sexologist from Columbia University and a mechanical engineer from MIT, Dame is a sexual wellness brand set on design-forward, community-based pleasure education, so you know I am going to be a fan! Their sex toys are made for both form and function: pretty and approachable, designed to work with your body, and with serious power.

This little finger vibe is…amazing! Fin is great for solo use andddd with a partner. This small, versatile sex toy is worn on your fingers. It is so comfortable. And when it comes to experiencing different kinds of sensation, this vibrator is SO thoughtful! Each of the edges of the vibrator offer a different sensation—flat and squishy or firm and slightly pointy—and it can move at three different speeds.

There is seriously endless fun to be had with this!



Brand | Arc

Price |  €139

Looking for an internal massager, well let’s stick with Dame for a minute. When it comes to gspot stimulation it is ALL about the design of the head and arc….ohhhhh ARC hits the spot! I couldn’t be more obsessed with the design and colour, it’s just classic and it is made for exploring. With a perfect curve and squishy bulb, Arc has 5 different speeds and motions so you can find the sensation that’s right for you…but my top tip is leave the vibration off altogether!

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Waterproof

  • Medical Grade Silicone

  • 5 Patterns + 5 Intensities


Rin Kogane

Brand | Iroha

Price | €42

Ok, if the price of the previous two had you jump out of your skin here is a sweet external vibrator that will take care of your clit. A favourite from the Sex Toy Show, you all saw how squishy the head of this is. Best part is…It is probably the QUIETEST vibration I have ever come across. This is largely due to the fact it is battery powered so, it is perfect for those of you with concerns about being heard. The softness of this toy is perfect for bringing some tenderness to your play session and the vibration itself is not too intense. It is a really great toy if you are worried about de-sensitizing your clit, or have been using a high intensity setting on your clit and you are trying to bring more sensation in…with this toy think…less is more!

  • Anti-dust coat

  • One button, 4 vibrations modes, 3 strengths

  • Fully waterproof

  • Requires two AAA batteries (up to 4hrs)


PS. Also have a look at IROHA ZEN MATCHA…the ridges will really blow your mind


Air Pulse Pro 2

Brand | Satisfyer

Price | €40

If you are interested in exploring how to feel different type of sensations of pleasure from your clit, this is the clit sucker for you. It massages the clitoris using pressure waves and tingling pulsations.

It is great for anyone on a budget in that it’s strength, settings, texture and feel of the toy is extremely high quality. What makes the Pro 2 different from the Pro is the noise. So keep that in mind if you see the Pro is cheaper…It is cheaper for a reason :)




Brand | Crave

Price | Around €105

Talk about making the ultimate #ownyourpleasure statement! If you were at the sex toy show I told you the story about the time I took this through Airport security…ha! But let me tell you about the story of the product because it was what made me buy it in the first place!

Crave designer, Ti Chang wanted to change the way women experience sex toys. Crave believes that sexual pleasure, intimacy and satisfaction are at the core of being human and that delight and flirtation provide the vital sparks for everyday life and wanted to create a toy that was also a statement on removing the stigma and shame around sexual pleasure.

Say hello to the Vesper. Sexy, stylish and bold, Vesper is a stainless-steel vibrator that also doubles as a necklace. Designed to be worn any time, anywhere, it looks super slick and feels great, with the steel giving you a totally unique sensation!


  • Length: 9.7cms x 0.7cms (1.3cm diameter at cap)

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Splash Proof

  • Available in 3 colours - Silver, Rose Gold Cap or 24KT Gold Plated Pendant and 66cm Chain

  • 4 Whisper Quiet Settings (I am not so sure it is whisper quiet to be honest but I do have a version from about 5 years ago so maybe they have updated this!)



Happy exploring

Jenny x

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